"Have a nice day"

Series of works

Kostya Filtr (RU). A.Kornilov project.

Krepatura is a very deep inner, intimate process.

A fragile process of tension the aftermath of which is forgotten shortly after.

All of these works are randomly chosen guides inside the exhibition.

Originals of random inscriptions inside the exhibition, transferred to the wall by the artist.

"НИХУЯ" (Fucking nothing)

Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

This is the biggest fucking nothing you won’t fucking see anywhere else. 

"Training apparatus"

Dmitry Egorov Pauk (RU), Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

For the continuous colorful joy:

- use carefully

- don’t rush

- use several points

- experiment with the depth

- don’t overdo

- don’t apply strength.

Film the outcome on your phone. 

F (Ф)

Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

The Ф(F) letter in Russian and Ukrainian languages reminds a penis and balls when upside down. Inguinal area is especially tense. Especially in Berlin. 

G Point

Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

The secret area of female satisfaction is not so easy to find. But here it is.

The biggest one. The most. 

"People doing moves"

Hä*Wie!? (GER) Nils Löfke


Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

"This canvas is stolen"

David Voigt (GER) Maksym Kotskyi (UA) 


Maksym Kotskyi (UA)


"Silent yoga"

Dmitriy Egorov Pauk (RU)


Maksym Kotskyi (UA)

"Ordinary sounds"

Dmitriy Egorov Pauk (RU)

Voigt, Golub, Pauk, Kornilov, Kotskyi