Show (2017)
NIKOLAЭ: Kotskyi.
Soldiers: Shebet, Sachivko.
Wife: Zamist Krovi.
Kamera: Chernyavskyi
Edit: Lehenkyi
Music: ДахаБраха «На добраніч»
Snx: Orach family.

Pottporus festival. Bohum. Germany. 12.11.2017

This is a story about love. 
Love loyal and unrequited. 
Love that burdened him with responsibility for those who love. 
Love that awarded him with all possible goods. 
Love that almost never stands the test of luxury. 
Love heady, dizzy, crazy. 
Love, that generates the fear of loosing. 
Love like power. 
Love like death. 
This is a story about love.

One-man performance. Based on real story in wonder land somewhere in Eastern Europe in 1989.

Nikolaэ: Kotskyi
許どのように ロック
Ni Loe
Wife: Lujain Mustafa
Entertainer: David Voigt
Anatolii Sachivko
Child's voice: Fedor Driagin
Camera: Max Blax
Big thanx: Zekai Fenerci
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