Performance (2018)
Performance (2018)

Berlin, Holzmarkt25

Maksym Kotskyi (UA) Stepan Golub (RU)


The art group «Taэт Vremya» includes activists from Russia and Ukraine. There’s still a conflict between these countries nowadays. Artists replicate the conflict of terms between people of the two countries.

Proposition «ON» addressed to Ukraine (Stepan Golub) is the principled position of the Russian media, questioning the statehood of Ukraine. «IN» (Maksym Kotskyi) is the principle of upholding the appeal to the territory as a state in the Ukrainian media space.

The maintenance and continuation of the conflict is a complicated political work on both sides. The performance lasted 8 hours (full time job). The agreement between the countries on this issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

Both participants pronounced only one word each. They urinated and ate without tearing eye contact with each other.

The artists were located on the both sides of an entrance of the gallery. In this way, every visitor of the contemporary art exhibition «KREPATURA» was involuntarily involved in the conflict, even if it didn’t interest him. This is a metaphor for the problem of the apolitical position of youth which is still influenced by political processes.

For 8 hours the participants of the performance could repeat their word average up to 20 640 times.

KREPATURA – delayed onset muscle soreness – is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.

KREPATURA project was held simultaneously in Berlin and Moscow. This was the first event without borders by the international art group «Taэт Vremya».

Documentation by Sasha Shyama.